Keep Your
Paint Shop
Efficient & HYGIENic

ISOGOL® Paint Coagulation

ISOGOL® paint coagulants and auxiliary products for paint detackification of overspray in wet paint booths. Synergetic products compatible with all paint processes (solvent / waterborne / catalyzed).

Complete Coverage:
  • All paints types (solvent or water based)
  • All sludge drag-out types (floatation or sedimentation)
Ecology & Environmental Friendliness:
  • Free of classified materials
  • Long useful life of circulating water
Cost & Productivity:
  • High density/low water content of paint sludge
  • No corrosion in installations
  • Lower waste generation, Less residues
High Performance Technology:
  • Neutral coagulating agents (pH-neutral, salt-free)
  • No pH-shift in the circulating water
  • Low salt concentration in the circulating water
  • Constant flocculating properties over a long period
Health & Safety At Work:
  • Worker health friendly, Ease of use.
  • No salt incrustations in exhaust air area

T 400 Waste Water Treatment

Intelligent T 400 solutions for any type of contamination removal chemically and physically

High Performance Technology:
  • Powdery reaction release agents
  • Liquid salt- and polymer-based precipitating and flocculating agents
  • Organic polymers for emulsion splitting and flocculation
  • Special heavy metal precipitating agents
Cost & Productivity:
  • Outstanding cleaning performance
  • High separation efficiency for a wide range of different contaminants
  • For different treatment plants and waste water types
  • Reuse of treated water for specific processes
  • Small dosing quantities and easy handling
  • Methods adapted to processes, expert advice

NIKUTEX® & HAKU® Paint Purge Solvents & Thinners

NIKUTEX® Solvent based purge materials for the cleaning of paint application equipment like pipes, valves, tanks, high rotation atomizer bells etc.

HAKU® Efficient solvent borne paint reducers for the adjustment of paint viscosity.

Complete Coverage:
  • To adjust paint viscosity
  • For paint purging
Cost & Productivity:
  • Adapted to reduce the cleaning cycles and increase the dissolution power
High Performance Technology:
  • New generation: VOC-reduced
Ecology & Environmental Friendliness:
  • Low aromatics content.
Health & Safety At Work:
  • Worker health friendly, Ease of use.

HAKUCARE 360° Paint Shop Protection

Cost & Productivity:
  • First run rate through dust and dirt reduction.
  • Cost savings through faster cleaning.
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduction of VOC
Complete Coverage
  • Peelable paints
  • Floor protection
  • Grids protection
  • Cleaning booths and installations
  • Floor cleaners
  • Wipes and Finishing products
  • Other auxiliary products

CONTROX® Paint Stripping

Complete Coverage:
  • Products compatible with all paint processes (solvent/waterborne/catalysed) for the cleaning of paint lines
  • Hot Paint Strippers (Organic products & Water Based Alkalis)
  • Cold paint strippers (Methylene chloride containing & Methylene chloride Free)
  • Stripping pastes
Cost & Productivity:
  • Outstanding high stripping performance
  • Long bath lives
  • Special evaporation inhibitors, which considerably reduce the evaporation losses
  • Organic products can be recycled

DECORRDAL® Pre-Treatment Chemicals

DECORRDAL® brand covers a wide range of pre-treatment chemicals for a variety of metals and surfaces. These products and processes have been constantly optimized over the last 50 years in order to keep pace with high-tech methods of application, allow shorter cycle times, fulfill ever-higher requirements in terms of quality and conform with more stringent environmental standards. The applications covered include conventional iron & zinc phosphate coatings as well as new phosphate-free technologies with low energy demands, Transition Metal Coatings (TMC).